How do you get toddelrs to smile and look straight to the camera?


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  • Have them chase you. When you stop, they’ll be in a happy mood and you can take their picture.
  • Ask them to tell you a joke without smiling or laughing. This is usually an impossible challenge for a kid, and they’ll burst out laughing.
  • If you’re photographing two kids, tell them to have a staring contest with each other. The same concept as above—they can’t not smile.
  • With small children, have someone toss them in the air, hang them upside-down or fly them like Superman. These are great action shots.
  • Make fart sounds. I know. It’s basically cheating. Alternately, you can whisper something silly in their ear like “boo boo butt.” :D
  • Have them talk about something happy. Their new puppy, their trip to Disney, the funny thing their brother did, their favorite flavor of ice cream.
  • Have them fake laugh with you. Fake laughs usually become real laughs.
  • Have some kid-jokes on hand. A few classics: “What musical instrument is found in the bathroom?” “A tuba toothpaste.” “Why should you not let a bear operate the remote?” “He will keep pressing the paws button.” “Why was Tigger dirty?” “Because he was playing with Pooh.”
  • Say something totally random on the count of three, right before snapping the photo. Maybe “Donkey with a blue shoe!” or “Bazoinks!” They’ll be disoriented for a second and then smile.
    Hope that helps Steven!


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Am having a hard time getting toddlers to smile and look at the camera. I have bought all kinds of toys! How do you do it?
I would've loved to add something more but @DavidSoulk has given an amazingly detailed answer in regards to that. Babies can be tricky to photography and especially when they wont give their smiles that are easily some of the best million dollar shots containing genuine happiness there are. But a simple reminder is that patience is required in photographing toddlers and babies.🙌😂