20 Cool Photography Business Card Ideas


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Photography business cards are a link between you and your work. No matter what kind of photography you are in, you need them.
There are many ways you can pass on your details. They range from very simple and elegant business cards to very expressive concept pieces.
Here are 20 photography business card ideas you can use as inspiration.

20. João Serpa​

One of my favorite photography business card ideas is the film negative. It works well, casting a pretty cool shadow.
It lets others know your work too, as it is very specific.

A film negative photography business card by João Serpa - diy business cards

19. Adéla Márová​

You can’t get more photographic than replicating a roll of negatives. This photography business card is specific to your work, ensuring people know your job immediately.
The plus side is printing on transparencies isn’t too expensive.

A roll of film negative photography business card by Adéla Márová - diy business cards

18. Marta Plch​

This photography business card is in the shape of an old, vintage camera. The shape is unique and even has a viewfinder hole in the corner.
This card sticks out, ensuring you and your name do too.

 Two photography business cards in the shape of an old, vintage camera by Marta Plch

17. Alisa Leonard​

Photography business cards should be simple yet show off your skills. Here, the set shows four different photographs.
When you offer a client a card, let them pick their favorite design.

A set of photography business cards by Alisa Leonard

16. Vipin Atal​

This card is completely transparent. The funky little design is fun and light, making this a photography business card that people will remember.

Transparent photography business card ideas by Vipin Atal

15. John Smith​

This card uses the viewfinder frame and crosshair as an overlay to your image.
Together, they show you are a serious photographer.

Photography business cards which use the viewfinder frame and crosshair as an overlay to your image.

14. Melissa Copeland​

This photography business card is both fun and well designed.
It gives the client all the information they need, which is the point, no?

Fun photography business cards featuring a drawing of a camera by Melissa Copeland

13. Sparkle Photography​

This photography business card is bright, shiny, and new. It has a gloss to it that the other cards just don’t have.
The colors pop on this card that loosely resembles an iPhone.

A stack of Photography business cards that loosely resemble an iPhone by Sparkle photography

12. Arbor Weddings​

What makes this photography business card special is its shape.
A square business card stands out above all rectangle shapes, ensuring people remember your name.

Square photography business cards by Arbor Weddings

11. Rebecca Willsone​

This photography business card is a copy of a Canon point and shoot. Kitsch and useful.

Photography business cards that resemble a Canon point and shoot camera by Rebecca Willsone

10. Landscape Shots​

A stack of photography business cards by Landscape Shots

9. Jessica Castro​

This photography business card is a perfect mix of photography and graphic design.
The text reveals the image below, ensuring the holder of the card has their interest peaked.

Jessica Castro Photography business cards ideas

8. Amy Price​

This feminine photography business card has both color and black and white in harmony.
The pink border offsets the seriousness of the image, where the flip side has a reverse color concept.
Simple, yet effective.

Amy Price photography business cards

7. Madi Marie​

This simple yet cool design will have clients talking amongst themselves about you and your work. That’s the dream, right?
This photography business card has all the information and a viewfinder to boot.

Madi Marie photography business cards

6. Brunella Iorio​

No doubt you have seen the old school Polaroid films. This photography business card is the border for those iconic instant images.
Here, the client can hold up the border like a viewfinder to the world.

Brunella Iorio photography business cards

5. Cora Hillebrand​

Photography business cards shouldn’t look cheap. This means that whatever you plan is probably going to cost a lot of money.
The plus side is that your clients will be very impressed.
This pocket holds Instax Fujifilm images that you can pass on. Then you reload the pocket with more images. It looks great and offers an interesting experience.

Cora Hillebrand photography business cards

4. John Doe​

You are a photographer and you need a business card that says that in less than a second.
This photography business card screams what you are before the holder has a chance to listen.
the best part about this design is it is foldable, making it small enough for a wallet.

John Doe photography business cards

3. El Fotógrafo de Wedland​

For a step out of the photography world and into graphic design, this is one of my favorite photography business cards.
It boasts two colors on the white, textured card. The design is a little flamboyant yet beautiful.
It goes to show that you don’t have to go overboard on the cliche photography ideas.

El Fotógrafo de Wedland photography business cards ideas

2. Tyrone Menezes​

This photography business card for photographer Tyrone Menezes is a really simple black and white design.
The whole card looks like a camera when viewed straight on.
You’ll soon realize it features the front of a lens on one side and a hole that doubles as a viewfinder.

photography business card for photographer Tyrone Menezes

1. Alexandre Thomas​

This business card is mostly transparent, with all the information at the bottom.
It is a nod to the usual viewfinder scene when you look through your camera.
It is smart and creative and will ensure your name sticks in your client’s mind.

Alexandre Thomas transparent photography business cards ideas



New member
Aww....this is great. My personal favorite is Alisa Leonards. Simple, and clean yet memorable.


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I think the transparent Biz cards are the killer here. The one for Vipin Atal and Alexander Thomas have just given me ideas of my next card. These are some creativity that will help your clients remember you forever!