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  1. DellCop

    So far how is your resolutions coming through?

    Well said. I wish you all the best in actualizing your resolutions this year. I kinda gave up tracking, but am considering tracking my earnings and try to triple them compared to last year's earnings.
  2. DellCop

    Have you gotten the Covid-19 Vaccine Jab? How was it?

    Thanks @retax for the updates. I have gotten the jab myself. I didn't feel anything strange. Just mild headache, which i have been having for a while, i cannot blame the jab.
  3. DellCop

    Share your awesome Black and White photos

    Do you have any Black & White photos? Please share.
  4. DellCop

    How much is was your best sale?

    Unfortunately, i am yet to make any serious sales, besides the few $$ from stock photos. I will sure try harder this year. I just lacked the motivation.
  5. DellCop

    20 Cool Photography Business Card Ideas

    I think the transparent Biz cards are the killer here. The one for Vipin Atal and Alexander Thomas have just given me ideas of my next card. These are some creativity that will help your clients remember you forever!
  6. DellCop

    11 Best Entry Level DSLR Cameras in 2021

    Great list. Though mine is also missing, i have a Nikon D5100, i consider it Entry level still. I have fallen in love with the features of the Nikon D5500 on this list especially the 25,600 ISO range.
  7. DellCop

    Which one would you suggest i go for: Sony SLT Alpha68 or Pentax K-50

    Am also a Nikon fan, but if i had to choose here i guess i would have gone with the Sony. I haven't come in contact or used a Pentax before. I have just seen their reviews, it seems like a good one anyway.
  8. DellCop

    Appraise my photo...

    This is a nice one. I would suggest tilting at angle of say 45, so that you capture the rays well. For now, the rays are all directed straight to you thus blurring the other sides.
  9. DellCop

    Howdy guys!

    Welcome to the forum Rob.
  10. DellCop

    What's Up pals

    Hi Russ, welcome to the forum. I almost bought a Nikon D3500 but my brother insisted i take Nikon D5100 instead. And yes, Nikon is good for starters, i find it easier to use and very basic for newbies.
  11. DellCop

    Rainy Side Mirror Shot

    I love this one!
  12. Attachment_1610278217 (5)_compressed.jpg

    Attachment_1610278217 (5)_compressed.jpg

  13. DellCop

    I took this photo from a beach in a remote place

    OMG, i love this one. I think i have seen this Nautica ship somewhere before. It's damn awesome in the evening lights. Spectacular.
  14. DellCop

    So far how is your resolutions coming through?

    It know its to early to predict, but are you on track with your new year's resolutions?
  15. DellCop

    Would you recommend a Pentax camera?

    Pentax is a good brand and K-50 is among the best cameras from Pentax, it is a good one for landscape photography. I have seen some photos on pexel with the Pentax on signature, and they are awesome.
  16. DellCop

    My D5100 is suddenly not turning on.

    I used my Niko D5100 yesterday evening, and it was working fine. I transferred photos to my Laptop via cable, and switched it off the as usual. Charge was at 50% last night. This morning, i have tried switching it on, but nothing seems to work. No LED signals or whatever! What could be the problem?
  17. DellCop

    Have you ever tried a DIY macro lenses?

    Wow...this is great. I will try it out. But it doesn't seem as easy as he put it. Unfortunately i will have to buy some equipment first. That precision saw he is using just seems expensive!! :)
  18. DellCop

    Have you ever tried a DIY macro lenses?

    Have you ever made your own macro lenses? How did you do it? How are the shots like?
  19. DellCop

    Should I go for a Sony FDR X3000R?

    Am planning to take some still photos and videos this coming spring for our American Football school team. Someone has recommended i buy a Sony FDR X3000R. Will this serve me?
  20. DellCop

    What do you look for in a good street photography?

    What do you look for when taking a street photo? Since you will have to use natural lighting, how do you balance/position yourself or the camera in order to take awesome street shots?