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  1. Aryanka

    Have you gotten the Covid-19 Vaccine Jab? How was it?

    Apparently the government is still making pans. Plus, the first lot seems to be trgeting like 5% of the population! I wonder how this will go!
  2. Aryanka

    11 Best Entry Level DSLR Cameras in 2021

    Unfortunately, my Fujifilm is missing on this list :-( I kinda like the features of the Nikon D5300 i should consider it in my next upgrade.
  3. Aryanka

    Rainy Side Mirror Shot

    OMG, this is a good one. Did you edit it or is it just as raw as it was shot? Looks awesome.
  4. Aryanka


    Hello Alastair, happy to meet you here. Hope to chat more in the near future. Would love to tap into your experience.
  5. Aryanka

    A photo Marketplace

    Awesome, that sounds like a plan. I would be happy to use such a feature.
  6. Aryanka

    Ahoy Lensmates

    Happy belated birthday and welcome. Your birthday present will be put in good use now. This vibrant community will teach more practical stuff than you can get in any course or book. Stick around and you will enjoy it. I have benefited alot from the small duration i have been here.
  7. Aryanka

    How good is a Canon EOS Rebel T6 for landscaping?

    I have also been so faithful to Fujiflim. I know very little about Canons. Although a collegue has that exact type of Canon, just acquired recently from Amazon. And i would say it is good. I love the colors, they are nice, sharp and warm. It is extremely light weight when compared with my...
  8. Aryanka

    Hi everyone

    Great. Welcome to the forum Susan. As a college graduate, this is the right time for you to pick photography and pursue it professionally. Looking forward to learning from your experience so far.
  9. Aryanka

    Hello y'all.

    Thank you all for the warm welcome. Am already enjoying my stay here. I love the discussion in here.
  10. Aryanka

    Hi Photogeniuses

    Hello Brian. Welcome to the community. Glad to have you here. Would wish to know your experience with the Pentax. I have never worked with them. Hope to chat more.
  11. Aryanka

    Which camera are you using now?

    Am a fan of Fujifilm. I reently got myself a Fujiflilm X-T200 and i kinda love it. It works for me, though its a little basic.
  12. Aryanka

    How would you explain an ISO to a newbie?

    Hi guys. How can you describe what ISO is to a beginner? And what is it for?
  13. Aryanka

    Which is the best online photography 101 class /course that you can recommend?

    Just as Brian has said, i would start by reading some little bit of theory then go to courses. I would suggest you check out masterclass courses, skillshare and of course you can a get a ton of free unstructured content on YouTube.
  14. Aryanka

    How does your spouse handle your love for photography?

    Is your spouse supporting your photography hobby? Is s/he ok with the amout of time and money you spend on photograpy? Personally, i have had to cut down the time i spend on photograpy because it usually ends up messing my relationships.
  15. Aryanka

    Appraise my photo...

    It looks good. Mybe you can try it next with a low exposure setting. The sun looks good, but it overshadows the other physical features.
  16. Aryanka

    Any recommendation for an online lighting course?

    Getting lessons directly from a guru photographer is better than in-class lessons that will be full of theory!
  17. Aryanka

    Hello y'all.

    Allow me to say hi guys. Am Arya, trying my hand in freelance photography. And would love to get your input on my works. Hope to learn from y'all too. I already love this community. Just what i wanted this year.