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  1. Susan06

    Share your awesome Black and White photos

    One of my first black and white photos of my friend when we came back after a hike✌️🤞
  2. Susan06

    Vape smoke Picture

    You'll need to use your fast lens for that act. And it needs to have a good depth of field to get a great blurred background along with the appropriate lighting as well for your shots. Otherwise the smoke isn't gonna be that pronounced and the subject won't be the main focus. Also the person...
  3. Susan06

    Which camera are you using now?

    Currently the camera i just changed to is the Canon 70D and I'm in love with it. Along with the 50 and 85mm lens of it. It feels like such an amazing upgrade from my 1300d. 😍🔥
  4. Susan06

    Please share your sunrise/Sunset photos. I need ideas.

    Don't really know if it would count but i had a killer shot of the night sky at very isolated tourist destination. Hope you like it 💯
  5. Susan06

    Indoor plant pictures.

    In my case I'd advise to practice it out in the house with some furniture an open background with a little contrast of light colours( naked colours). That would set a very refreshing background and try to frame the plants in the middle if the plant is the main subject of the shot your trying to...
  6. Susan06

    How to get more bouque in my portait shots

    In terms of portrait shots I'm really struggling to get a grasp on depth of field for my subjects and that background blur thats natural for the suburban or street environment. Would i have to get a lens that's more suited to this like an 85mm or would i just need to adjust my subject spacing .??
  7. Susan06

    A good lens for street photography

    So far I've done what i can with my 50mm but i was looking to ask if anyone out there has a better idea as to what kind of lens would suit street photography best in the long run.
  8. Susan06

    What do you look for in a good street photography?

    For me i mostly look for a story in a certain candid moment in which even a 100 words could be expressed. I'm not at that level in which i could capture a picture worth a million words but i to get there. It all about the mood and temperature of the shot for me. Mostly its cold and...
  9. Susan06

    Do you set filters on your camera for perfect shot?

    For me I have played a bit with the temperature of my camera a bit for moody pictures but not really put a hand on filters for lenses. And that's all as editing isn't something that I've really learned a lot about. 😂
  10. Susan06

    Fast lens for landscape.?

    A fast lens handles landscapes but also the occasional sports, wildlife, event shots. A slower lens handles landscapes, but doesn't handle some of those other things so well. There's a lot to be said for shooting landscapes with midrange lenses. So a good all round option would be a fast lens i...
  11. Susan06

    Night sky photography

    One really important and amazing kind of photography for me is night sky photography. This takes a lot of advantage of the manual controls that our cameras allow for us and a heap of fun. If done in the right place and the right way then the outcomes are stunning. A great tip would be to look...
  12. Susan06

    Which lense would you recommend for landscape photography?

    Well if you're on a budget the 50mm that most cameras come with can take some decent landscape shots but that's the only place they belong. Decent. If you're really in for a good experience then 35mm is the way to go.
  13. Susan06

    Best entry level Camera for traveling

    Well if only photos is what your looking for then a good beginner camera would be the Canon EOS 1300d. And if you're also looking for vlogging the whole experience as well then a sony mirrorless camera would be the better option. Hope this helped 🙌🙌✌️
  14. Susan06

    Best shot really all that great.?

    Well with my experience in using the S20 its almost always perfect and the software processing on it is the icing on the cake. Its an overall banger shot taker and takes a lot of great photos lot virtually lot like they had been taken effortlessly.
  15. Susan06

    How to reduce grain from pictures

    Preferably try to use as less ISO in your shots as much as you can that would allow for a lot more difference in grain. But then you'll have to have your subject in a lot of light. That would allow for a detailed and crisp shot.
  16. Susan06

    Camera settings for street photography

    What is the best camera setting for street photography? As i would like to take a lot of street photos and would love to know if there a standard point where i can start at. 🙌
  17. Susan06

    Hi everyone

    Hi there I'm a college graduate thats started to pick up photography as a hobby to spend some time in an outdoor manner and go out and take pictures of random people, places and travelling sites. Hope to get along with you all here peace✌️