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  1. Walikirito

    Fast lens for landscape.?

    I'm just getting into the whole genre of landscape photography and was wondering which lens would suit my needs. Do I need a fast lens for landscape photography? Or would a slow one work as i already have one of those lying around.
  2. Walikirito

    How to stop focus point from moving around

    In the AF S the focus will move around a lot and that needs prevention as it does it in the case of pressing the shutter release button and i want that to be the happening in case when i use the wee pad. Any help how I'd have that fixed...?
  3. Walikirito

    A basic query for D3500

    A friend of mine just got his hands on a nikon d3500 and was asking if there was an option for the camera to go into low.power mode after a select Interval of inactivity.
  4. Walikirito

    Shutter lag on the Canon RP

    In the case of my new Canon RP I've found there some sort of shutter lag that i hadn't faced with my previous 6D mark 2. Would the memory card be something that may be the cause of this conundrum..
  5. Walikirito

    Bird photography 600mm or 800mm

    With the recent shift of mine to EOS setup i was looking to find a the right lenses for shooting birds should i use the 600mm or the 800mm. Which ones work best with EOS and which would be the best bang for the buck.🙌🙌
  6. Walikirito

    Please share your sunrise/Sunset photos. I need ideas.

    Here's one that i hope you'll like. Its from a village that i went to as the last sunset of that year set i took it. And it was surreal experience.
  7. Walikirito

    Have you ever tried a DIY macro lenses?

    No, haven't really had an exposure with macro lenses just with those on phones and even in that case have only used those company bought and manufactured lens attachments that come with their specific phone cases.
  8. Walikirito

    Indoor plant pictures.

    How does one position the plants in case of an indoor plant shoot or using then along with other house hold objects to create a good frame for shooting those plants.🙌
  9. Walikirito

    How do you get toddelrs to smile and look straight to the camera?

    I would've loved to add something more but @DavidSoulk has given an amazingly detailed answer in regards to that. Babies can be tricky to photography and especially when they wont give their smiles that are easily some of the best million dollar shots containing genuine happiness there are. But...
  10. Walikirito

    What do you look for in a good street photography?

    For me its mostly a venture into the unknown of what the conditions that day provide. There is not set preference that i adhere to and that allows for more flexibility in my shots. Mostly its of people in their daily lives, some sitting on sidewalks, some going to their jobs and the occasional...
  11. Walikirito

    Do you set filters on your camera for perfect shot?

    Well for me i haven't really explored the world of lens filters, which are amazing in their own right. But for me its just shooting in good exposure and preferring to take in RAW and then let the magic happen in Lightroom.🙌
  12. Walikirito

    Vape smoke Picture

    How does one fix the camera settings in such a way that when you need to take a photo of a person exhaling vape smoke or cigarette smoke you can get a good cloud captured. All in case of manual mode not for the case of auto as it a hit or miss kind of scenario.🙌
  13. Walikirito

    Share your awesome Black and White photos

    Here's one of a lake that took 2 hours of hiking at 16000 ft to get to🙌💯
  14. Walikirito

    Which lense would you recommend for landscape photography?

    Well it depends on what your really looking for in term of your wide angle shots. The general range of those lena is from 16mm to 200mm. And even within that the 35mm lens sits at a pretty nice spot for great landscape photography lens.🙌
  15. Walikirito

    How to reduce grain from pictures

    How does one remove grain from pictures that have less light in them. Can it be accomplished in lightroom or Photoshop. And for future reference how does one prevent this from happening in case of using the pro mode on phone.🙌🙌
  16. Walikirito

    Best shot really all that great.?

    I have a Samsung galaxy S10+ that i mainly use for all my photography and was wondering whenever the software on the camera app gives a best shot recommendation is it always the best option as a lot of the times the frames are a huge mess. But the software processing really works only incase of...
  17. Walikirito

    Best entry level Camera for traveling

    Hi everyone, hope you're all doing great and wonderful. As there has been a slight leniency for travelling across the globe and in the country even I've been meaning to go on a road trip across the states and was looking for an entry level camera, mirrorless or Dslr. That can easy to carry...
  18. Walikirito

    Hey y'all🙌

    Hi there guys I'm new here. I'm someone that has taken photography particularly mobile photography as a hobby since my college days. I take some interesting shots every once in a while. I'll post them for you here and i hope you'll like them🙌🙌