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  1. MrCasio

    Which one would you suggest i go for: Sony SLT Alpha68 or Pentax K-50

    Well, am a Canon fan. But if i had to choose from these two, i will go with the Sony SLT Alpha 68 is a pretty solid cam.
  2. MrCasio

    10 Best Photography Portfolio Websites

    That makes the two of us. I am just learning of Carbonmade today. I have just checked the site and i love it already. They have some good stuff.
  3. MrCasio

    Street skatebord shots

    Thanks for your detailed answer. This will really help me position myself. I have been taking crappy photos recently. I really needed to improve my skills. Maybe i would be able to monitize better in future.
  4. MrCasio

    Howdy guys!

    Howdy Rob. Welcome. We are all amartures, this industry is evolving very fast. You will not lack new things to learn every single day.
  5. MrCasio

    What's Up pals

    Welcome. And sure @Russ35, the Nikon D3500 you have is the best entry level camera. Once you perfect your art using that one, you can now go ahead and upgrade it. I haven't used it, but i have seen its reviews and sample photos.
  6. MrCasio

    Greetings Pixpals...

    Greetings Steve. You will enjoy your stay here. I don't regret bumping into this community.
  7. MrCasio

    A photo Marketplace

    You read my mind. This is a cool idea. Provided the admin works on the safety of our creations.
  8. MrCasio

    20 Essential Photography Tips for Beginners

    Thanks bro. No. 18: Good editing software is my weakness. I am not good at using the Photoshop. I find it intimidating at times, with tons of buttons and widgets! But am working on that.
  9. MrCasio

    Do you set filters on your camera for perfect shot?

    I try as much as possible to take the best shot in the field, that way reducing the amount of time i spend on the editing software. I am not good at using PP, i sometimes end up messing up the image quality.
  10. MrCasio

    11 Best Entry Level DSLR Cameras in 2021

    Canon are my favorite. Though am not seeing mine on the list. I have a Canon EOS 200D. I consider it entry level too, since its just a basic camera; my first actually.
  11. MrCasio

    20 Cool Photography Business Card Ideas

    Aww....this is great. My personal favorite is Alisa Leonards. Simple, and clean yet memorable.
  12. MrCasio

    My D5100 is suddenly not turning on.

    The first check of course, as @RobertDSLR says, should be the battery. But if it still doesn't work, then check all the connections. There could be a loose connection somewhere. Check all the electricals for broken connections.
  13. MrCasio

    Which is the best point and shoot camera?

    I bought a Canon EOS 200D just when they were launching it. But it is becoming a little complicated for me. Being a newbie, i just want a point and shoot camera for my small jobs. Which one do you guys recommend?
  14. MrCasio

    How much is was your best sale?

    Share you tips to selling and setting the prices. Sometimes am confused. I don't know how to set the price for my pieces in my portfolio.
  15. MrCasio

    Hello from Texas.

    Hello Mike and welcome to the forum. $10k is an optimistic target but it is very possible. Still $1K is quite decent, i would love to learn your tricks and how you made it.
  16. MrCasio

    Happy new year guys.

    Thank you for the warm welcome. Am happy to be a part of this wonderful community.
  17. MrCasio

    I took this photo from a beach in a remote place

    How is this shot? This is a Samsung Galaxy Note 4.
  18. MrCasio

    Street skatebord shots

    Planning to take some photos of some street skateboarding show. I am doing it pro bono for practice. My camera flash sync is 1/300, will that work? Plus, how to handle lighting in the street?
  19. MrCasio

    How much is was your best sale?

    Have you ever sold your creative works? How much did you sell your best works?
  20. MrCasio

    Happy new year guys.

    Just landed. What have i missed? I already love the discussions in here. Big up admins for creating such a unique community. This was very thoughtful of you. I like the idea. I will be hanging around to learn from experiences. I hail from Washington DC, been doing freelance photography for...