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  1. Caxton

    So far how is your resolutions coming through?

    So far so good. All i needed to do was to sub-divide my goals into mini-goals. That is the trick. Break it down to practical and achievable min-objectives.
  2. Caxton

    Have you gotten the Covid-19 Vaccine Jab? How was it?

    I think it will be good for those countries that have done the vaccination to report progress. Am not sure how they will convince people that the vaccine works, without exposing people to it.
  3. Caxton

    11 Best Entry Level DSLR Cameras in 2021

    Well said. Actually the reason why i went for a Nikon D3500 is just the crazy ISO of 26,500. I just love it.
  4. Caxton

    A photo Marketplace

    Sounds like a good idea. I was also wondering how we can show case our works without the risk of it being used elswether without my permission.
  5. Caxton

    Recommendations for good portfolio sites?

    I started with Flickr, but nowadays i found Zenflolio to better. I has more sales option that the others. Flickr is more social than commercial, just good for showcasing.
  6. Caxton

    Ahoy Lensmates

    Hello James, Welcome to the community. With practice, you will not be a noob anymore. This is a skill that requires constant practice and correcting your mistakes on the go. With this lovely community on your back, your birthday present will make sense and cents for you very soon. :)
  7. Caxton

    How good is a Canon EOS Rebel T6 for landscaping?

    Yes of course. This is a good entry level camera that can take nice landscape shots. Plus it is lightweight and easy on your pocket! More so, it is beginner friendly.
  8. Caxton

    Hi everyone

    Welcome Susan. And you are in the right place. You will learn a ton from the experience of members in this forum. See you around dear.
  9. Caxton

    Which camera are you using now?

    I just bought a Nikon D3500 the other day. Am told Samsungs are good. How is NX500 taking you? I don't know much about Sony, haven't used one before.
  10. Caxton

    What is sensor burn out?

    My assumption is that it just means buronout of the digital sensors of a camera.
  11. Caxton

    Where to get budget backdrops?

    Hi. Where can i get budget backdrops? I need something good for portrait shots. Most preferably black.
  12. Caxton

    What are your most preferred settings for a landscape shot?

    I know the camera settings are freally important when it comes to Landscape photography. What are your most preferred settings for shutterspeed, aperture, and ISO?
  13. Caxton

    Any recommendation for an online lighting course?

    I would love to venture into professional photography this year. I need a recommendation of a course i can take, probably online for lighting and portraits. I need something that i can learn at my own pace since I have a full-time job. A course that offers a recognized certification on...
  14. Caxton

    Share the last photo you took.

    It doesn't matter whether you took the photo using a phone or a camera. Let us see what you took.
  15. Caxton

    52-Week Photo Challenge

    This is a good idea. I second the idea. We should get started!
  16. Caxton


    This is great. Congrats admin. This is good progress for the community. At least we can easily access the forum plus am getting notifications right on my phone. I love this.
  17. Caxton

    How much do you remember: Name a country (Alphabetical order)

    Let's cool down the steam here. Name one country, in alphabetical order. Mine is: Algeria * Next person should name a country that starts with 'B'. * When we reach Z, we start again!
  18. Caxton

    Hi Good people.

    Hello Good people Am Cax. Am glad to be here. I have passion for photography. Just bought a Nikon D3500 to start me off in the journey. Am excited to find a community of photography enthusiasts. Will appreciate learning from your experiences.