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  1. Caxton

    Where to get budget backdrops?

    Hi. Where can i get budget backdrops? I need something good for portrait shots. Most preferably black.
  2. Caxton

    What are your most preferred settings for a landscape shot?

    I know the camera settings are freally important when it comes to Landscape photography. What are your most preferred settings for shutterspeed, aperture, and ISO?
  3. Caxton

    Any recommendation for an online lighting course?

    I would love to venture into professional photography this year. I need a recommendation of a course i can take, probably online for lighting and portraits. I need something that i can learn at my own pace since I have a full-time job. A course that offers a recognized certification on...
  4. Caxton

    Share the last photo you took.

    It doesn't matter whether you took the photo using a phone or a camera. Let us see what you took.
  5. Caxton

    How much do you remember: Name a country (Alphabetical order)

    Let's cool down the steam here. Name one country, in alphabetical order. Mine is: Algeria * Next person should name a country that starts with 'B'. * When we reach Z, we start again!
  6. Caxton

    Hi Good people.

    Hello Good people Am Cax. Am glad to be here. I have passion for photography. Just bought a Nikon D3500 to start me off in the journey. Am excited to find a community of photography enthusiasts. Will appreciate learning from your experiences.